[Wednesday, January 27, 2010]

So a colleague of mine asked me about blog-creation and multiple users for one blog. As Blogger has all the required features including photo uploading, I steered him there as he was not so into messing around with html codes (and neither am I--not beyond the template of my blog at any rate).

He remarked that I seemed to like this stuff and I said that it's not so much about liking it as being extremely used to it as I have been at it (blogging) for around 10 years. (As soon as I said that, the "10 years" started to reverberate inside my head. Oh fuck, I am old.)

It's not as though I am any where near the cutting edge--I don't do the tagging for all the other collectives and feeds with the names I cannot quite recall right now. I was one of the last on Facebook*--and that was by the weight of peer-pressure. It's just comfortable here on Blogger and on my LJ. If I had to update that many blogs and mini-blogs, I'd never have time to do other stuff.

Comfort versus change. Familiarity versus evolution. Stagnation versus upgrading. One is supposedly better than the other, right?

But how much more online networking must we do before we are completely cut off from the real world? I like talking to my friends face to face and I want to meet more online friends someday. (I have met most of my local friends and visited two of the overseas friends. This only works if 1) there is no skeevy business going on, 2) you meet in a public place first and 3) you are travelling in the company of friends/relatives.)

*Facebook is no longer cutting edge. My Mum's on it.

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[Tuesday, June 23, 2009]

Dear Work,


No love,

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[Friday, July 19, 2002]

Fic-art for one of my ficcies . . .

*yawn* Work to do tomorrow--today. Bah.

Eline, thoroughly knackered

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[Sunday, June 16, 2002]

I sort of figured that out . . . but I didn't have reservation for July's issue of Zero-Sum--only from August onwards.

It is official: I have no life. It is Sunday and I am in the frickin' lab . . .

Lunch break. back to the grind. Had a doujinshi break. Back to the grind. Had a fic-writing break. Back to the grind. Heard from the beta-reader. Back to the grind. Blog-break now.

Current dj is another GojyoXSanzo fuckfest in a series of fuckfests--but it's got a plot in there somewhere. I gave up on reading the kanji and made up my own conversation: Gojyo falls off a cliff in a youkai attack (Argh--how could they do that to Gojyo?) and it's too severe for Hakkai to deal with.
Goku: We have to help him! Quick send him to some convenient town with a doctor in it!
Sanzo: Bakazaru--that idiot's just slowing us down.
Hakkai (undoubtedly loves Gojyo from afar but won't get between Gojyo and Sanzo): *slaps some sense into Sanzo* Sanzo, Gojyo could die! (invisible subtext: I can't believe Gojyo chose him over *me*! But Gojyo is dying and I can't save him, so I must be useless . . . I can't have the man I love becauseI have to suffer for all eternity for my sins . . . *angst-ridden flashback* Kanan!)
Sanzo: *has an attack of the hysterics because in this series he's more unhinged than a dozen broken doors, not to mention a huge uke-slut*
So they did get medical treatment for Gojyo and he lives!
Sanzo: Gojyo . . . I thought I would lose you! *already weeping uke-tears* It's all my fault and I'm a bitch most of the time . . . but I'm still *your* bitch.
Gojyo (who should not be doing that when he's injured and everything, but this is yaoi so anything goes): Come bask in the healing light of my cock. As this is doujinshi, it's a glowing cone of light all right . . .
*insert a lot of grunting and sound-effects here* (At least they're not saying "aishiteru" in the middle of it all like in the last book in the series. I like the melodrama, but it was too bloody funny when M did all the sound-effects while reading it aloud mockingly.)

Eline--warning: sulphuric acid fumes are not good for you, neither are acetone fumes or large amounts of dust.

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[Friday, June 14, 2002]

Thanks lah--see if there's any good matches. Father's Day . . . they're going to a funeral and I'm still here in the hostel and the U, doing unpaid overtime. The only thing I got from my dad was paranoia, anal-retentive-ness and left-handedness--but grand-dad changed that last one pretty fast.

Yeah--they wouldn't let her wear that ring at work and it *looks* pretty chunky too.

PoT episode 24: I had the urge to whack Sakano with her own racket at the beginning. At the end, I wanted to whack Ryoma for having the conversational skills of an average tennis racket. That kid needs a life outside tennis and his dad (and Momoshiro) needs a hobby other than stalking Ryoma and his supposed "date".

End of PoT episode 24: Tezuka really is a weirdo--honestly, in school on a Sunday in his uniform? (Now episode 25 is shaping up to be really interesting . . .) And Tezuka's voice sounded really familiar . . . I was thinking either Zechs or Treize from GW. After squinting at the credits, I hopped over to Hidoshi Doi's page . . . bingo.
Okiayu Ryoutarou--K in Gravitation, Crawford in Weiss Kreuz, Shigure in Fruits Basket and Treize in Gundam Wing. To think about any of them in the same line as Tezuka boggles the mind. Or maybe not.

Discworld slash? Rincewind and Vetinari . . . Oh dear . . . And I just had french fries too . . .

Neighbour has given me baked goods that her FS&T friend had made. Which makes me marginally more well-disposed towards her because anyone who gives apple strudel is a friend. (Still too genki and fake-sounding though . . .)

Eline, well and truly boggled (and poking around at other Discworld and Good Omens slash when she should be breaking those damned roots with her bare hands)

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[Wednesday, June 12, 2002]

Raw materials have arrived. Now I have to process the lot of them. Manual labour here we go . . . Have mentally labelled the white mice in my lab Sanzo (the one that squeaks a lot when his tail is pulled), Goku (the bottomless pit), Gojyo (the one that nicks food from Goku) and Hakkai (the quiet one). Need to obsess over other things besides Saiyuki. *tries and fails*

Kim (on fansubs, fish and dj): A green beta? Named Hakkai?
PoT is very popular in Japan now by the number of dj circles listed . . . Oh yeah . . . I want FujiXTezuka dj too and bugger the height rule. (In that InuiXKaidoh dj, Fuji licked Kikumaru. Fuji, you are such a tease . . .)

Yes, Takaya is a silly boy for not wanting Naoe--whatever Naoe did to Takaya's lover in their past life notwithstanding and however screwed up their relationship is . . . Argh, have to wait for episode 7! (And Naoe moved in on Takaya again episode 11!)

Eline, lunching on leftovers again

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