An archive of Lupin/Snape fics (sorted by author).

 Fic Tally: 51 NC-17, 15 R, 15 PG-13 and 6 PG Lupin/Snape fics as of 12/03/2003

(Fiction is *fiction*--you don't have to take it seriously in the least.)

For your edification: a glossary of terms used in fanfic

I hate to belabour the point, but please read the ratings!

NC-17: 99.99% chance that explicit sex, kinkiness or nudity is going to figure in the fic. Even bad language and violence sometimes.

R: Maybe sex, maybe nudity--not as explicit as NC-17. Maybe even bad language. Possibility of violence.

PG-13: Mature topics, slashy mentions, no explicit sex. Possibly bad language. Possibility of violence.

PG: No sex, little swearing, little violence. (Rare.)

G: Disney-clean fics! So clean, you can't smell a whiff of lemon anywhere. (Very rare--in fact, virtually non-existent on this archive.)

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