Slashy Links to HP slashfics and more . . .

So look before you leap and remember to read the warnings and ratings properly!

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 Slash-related HP links

Azkaban's Lair

Remus/Sirius fics galore!


cmshaw's Fanfics

cmshaw's fanfics--and not just HP.


Diagon Alley

HP for slightly older folks--fanfic and art galore!


Elysian Fields

Khirsah's page with slash from various fandoms--quite a bit of Neville/Percy and Sirius/Seamus.


Hally Pottel

Slash art! (Including Lockhart/Snape and Neville/Percy!)


Hogwarts Library Slash Archive

HP slash and the Slash Awards.


Hogwarts Correctional Facility for Juvenile Delinquents

Masoumi's cool page with both gen and slash fics!


Jen's Fics

HP slash and then some. F/F slash, Ron/Harry and Snape/Malfoy.


lumos et nox

Slash Crusaders!


Magical Intrigue

Rhysenn's gorgeous fanfic site with fab art work!



HP-centric slash art and some fics. (There's this simply to-die-for Snape pic in the galleries . . .)


RedPegasus wings

Shounen ai and anime artwork galore! (I just adore this site!) Ultra cute chibi-neko Harry, Ron and Draco!


Weasleys' Wizardly Wheezes

More Weasley-centric fanfics and rpgs! (If twincest doesn't squick you something wicked, that is . . .)



Harry Potter slash and several other book-related fandoms.



Acassha's HP site with fanfics from Snape/Lupin to Harry/Ron!


 SSF: MoonShadow

The Snape and Lupin ship of the Snape Slash Fleet! (Also features the Snape/RareSlash Ship.)


The Werewolf Registry

A truly cool page for werewolves and Lupin-fans!


The Snape Slash Fleet Home Page

The Snape Slash Fleet--for more Snape/(insert character here) 'shipper sites than you can shake a wand at! (A *magical* wand, of course!)


 Osmalic's Many Fanfics

Osmalic's fanfics--HP, anime and many others!

Lots of HP fanfics, slash included.


Paper Moon

A lovely, naughty archive with HP fics and more . . .

Non-Slash Links

 Severus Snape's Slytherin Society

It's Snape--everyone's favourite greasy-haired git (if he isn't, ignore this). And the webmistress' art is fantastic--go see!

Not Exactly HP Slash

The Fan Fiction Directory

Loads of fandoms and genres. Gen fics, slash fics, 'zines, rings, lists, everything you could think of related to the wonderful world of fanfic. (And the interesting thing is that practically *every* fandom has been slashed.)

 Slash Ficiton Online

Slashy recs--share your recs with other slashers!

The Beta List

Yep, most of us mortals need betas. Love thy Beta. Betas for many fandoms listed here.


Pop over to the section on the Hugo Awards and gloat over the fact that HPatGoF won Best Novel 2001. (Against other nominees like George R. R. Martin's A Storm of Swords and Robert J. Sawyer's Calculating God, no less.)


The definitive slash directory. The Parapet's been listed!